Dr. Max S. Wood (Dr. Max or Doc) is a general dentist practicing at 777 North 500 West Suite 101-A, Provo, Utah 84601 (just south of Utah Valley Regional Medical Center in Drs Park) .  Our telephone number is (801) 377-6448. Call today for an  appointment with Dr. Max.  He has been practicing dentistry in the Provo area for over 27 years.  He grew up in Payson, Utah, went to Brigham Young University, and graduated from Emory University School of Dentistry in Atlanta, Georgia.  Dr. Max practices all phases of dentistry including orthodontics.  His goal is not to treat patients, but to treat friends.  He wants to know each person that comes into his practice on a personal level.  He wants them to know that he truly cares about them as an individual and wants to help  the achieve a healthy, beautiful smile.  He knows  that each person has a choice for their dental needs, and wants to provide each person with a dental office where all their dental needs and wants can be fulfilled.    He only refers about 1% of his patients for treatment of special dental needs.  He can take care of all your family’s dental needs and wants, from grandpa and grandma down to your youngest child.  He want you to have the smile of your dreams.   His patients tell him that he has a gentle touch as he treats their dental needs.  He also realizes that money is sometimes an issue; that is why he offers multiple treatment plans to help make your dental needs and wants fit within your budget.  His office also offers payment plans, and an in office discount plan for those people without dental insurance.  Dr. Max’s office telephone number is (801) 377-6448.  He would love to schedule you for a free consultation to help you achieve that healthy, beautiful smile that you have always dreamed of and discuss any questions you might have about improving your smile.

About Dr. Max:  He has been married to Jacqueline (Jackie) for 32 years.  He has 15 children: Chuck and Heather, Steve and Erin, Julie and Dave, Brian and Sevina, Joe, Katie and Jason, Seth, Michelle, Genny, and Annie.  He has the 11 most adorable grandchildren: Logan, Jonathan, Bronson, Sabrina, Clara Jo, Alli, Gavin, Eli, Madison, Adam, and Josh.  He loves baseball and collects all kinds of sports cards and memorabilia.  He has run 2 marathons: St. George and Days of 47 (24th of July).  He loves his patients and loves being a dentist and helping his patients achieve the smiles they have always wanted.  Please call today to start your journey of achieving that smile that you have always dreamed of.