Cosmetic Dentistry

These procedures are done specifically to change the appearance of the teeth.  Although it can be done along with restoration of decayed or damaged teeth,  it is primarily done to acheive the esthetic look and smile that the patient desires.  These procedures are usually not covered by dental insurance.  The following procedures are done in our office:

  • Teeth Whitening (bleaching) is used to make the teeth whiter.  We use 2 different techniques in our office: 1)  One hour bleaching that achieves results in 1 hour; 2)  Take home whitening that is done by the patient over a 1 to 2 week period using bleaching trays and bleaching gel.  No matter which treatment you do, the patient will need  to use bleaching trays once or twice a month to maintain the level of whiteness they desire.  If they do not do the recommended touch up  treatments, the teeth will return to their original shade of color.  Teeth whitening will not change the color of existing fillings, or crowns; these may need to replaced to achieve the desired results.  The one hour bleaching costs about $500 and includes bleaching trays and take home  gel.  The take home bleaching costs about $200.
  • Veneers can be used to permanently change the shape or color of a tooth.  In our office, we do this with  no, or minimal  removal of any tooth structure.  Most of  the time  these are done on  the anterior teeth and bicuspids.  These are especially useful in fixing chipped front teeth.  The cost of these are about $600/veneer.
  • Porcelain crowns are made to be more esthetic and have no metal substructure.  These cost about $800/crown and can be covered by dental insurance.
  • Enameloplasty is the reshaping of the enamel of the teeth to achieve the desired appearance.  The charge for this procedure depends on the number of teeth that are recontoured.